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Thinkers Publishing Books Collections.

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Thinkers Publishing Books Collections. Empty Thinkers Publishing Books Collections.

Post  Tacticschess on Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:36 pm

Kindly any one have upload a Thinkers Publishing Books Collections.

  • Adrian Mikhalchishin & Georg Mohr - Understanding Maroczy Structures
    Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Colle - Zukertort Attack
    Paul van der Sterren - Kings of the Chessboard
    David Miedema - The Modernized French Defense - Volume 1 - The Winawer
    Efstratios Grivas - The Tactics Bible
    Adrien Demuth - The Modernized Reti
    Daniel Fernandez - The Modernized Caro-Kann
    Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Najdorf
    Eduardas Rozentalis - The Correct Exchange in the Endgame
    Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Nimzo-QGD
    Milos Perunovic - The Modernized Benko Gambit
    Milos Pavlovic - Unknown Weapons in the Grünfeld
    Ivan Salgado Lopez - Gambit Killer
    Milos Pavlovic - New Weapons in the King's Indian
    Milos Pavlovic - Reloaded Weapons in the Benoni


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