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How to download from clicksfly links

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How to download from clicksfly links Empty How to download from clicksfly links

Post  Practical Chess on Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:01 am

Many members find trouble with links.
But to be honest links are hard to get and they have a push ads technique to apply more trouble.
So the best alternative is
There is a another reason for choosing
A trick
In adf ly links if the file is on zippyshare then in the very first second the direct link is shown in the address bar so click there and select https zippyshare link and paste in a new window.
No need to wait you will get the file.
So this is how to download from clicksfly links.
First click on the link and open it in a new window.
Then in the left side there is a green picture .
Click next .then a new window will open and if it says to complete the captcha please complete it.
Tip when you download more than 10 times no need to fill pictures.
If the window is a ad skip it and close the window.
Then in the first window there is a captcha box fill it and click on click here.
Then wait 8 seconds and in the below green get link button is your direct link.
Now I will discuss some important facts about our forums members.
You have a really good weapon that is minus reputation points.
You always ad minus points for contributers which are sharing links with monitization.
But if you think for a second you can't get the stuff without spend money on Internet if this type of contributions don't exist.
So you have to pay some time but they didn't get anything from you.
And in here the top reputable guys like caissa jiri festival ramox666 some times share links with monitizations but the majority of them aren't monitized so you guys didn'tcare about them.
Do you know that rghost is a monetization platform.
So if you can't contribute anything don't blame the contributors.
There was a contributer called Gmde and he shared lot of good things.
But the top guys says he equalls as hole johed and he stopped.
contributers like attacker try to give his analysis but the great white king chess post his pm in public.
Such a guy who thinks it is good to keep his respect.
Many guys blame to attacker but if you look at his pdf files you will not blame him.And whiteking also monitized his files in the rghost but you don't know that rghost really is a monitized platform.
Things like this should stopped.
I don't need a war of comments.
But this is the truth and this is why some paper heroes become commenting we don't dovthis in mz,immortal etc.
But this is chessgod101 not immortal or mz .
Mz is copying our files .
So hope you get some understandingabout this issue contributors face .
They spend their money data time and you guys can't even respect them.
Stop doing that type of things.
It will secure this forum
And if you scared to download from clicksfly don't download anything in that links☺
Hpoe you understand.

Practical Chess

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