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cublas64_100.dll is missing

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cublas64_100.dll is missing Empty cublas64_100.dll is missing

Post  gabrielp on Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:24 am

Hello friends,
I saw a very interesting engine Allie 0.2 (, but when runing it gives an error "cublass64_100.dll is missing".
I didn't found this dll file, please help me.


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cublas64_100.dll is missing Empty cuBLAS

Post  SpongeBob on Sun Mar 24, 2019 5:45 am

taken from NVidia site:

"The NVIDIA cuBLAS library is a fast GPU-accelerated implementation of the standard basic linear algebra subroutines (BLAS). Using cuBLAS APIs, you can speed up your applications by deploying compute-intensive operations to a single GPU or scale up and distribute work across multi-GPU configurations efficiently. "

so, i assume that allie is an Nvidia GPU based engine so you have to update your Nvidia drivers with cuda support (update to 411.31 or newer version and download tham from nvidia site)

hope it helps...


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