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S_MCTSL 220319 32-64

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S_MCTSL 220319 32-64 Empty S_MCTSL 220319 32-64

Post  naahira on Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:07 am

S_MCTSL 220319 32-64:-

### MCTS-Learn-in Mode
_Boolean, Default: True

MonteCarloTreeSearch, if activated, the engine's behaviour is similar to AlphaZero concepts.
Idea are implemented, integrated on SugaR: (montecarlo by Kelly Kinyama) only when true. This creates three files for machine learning purposes:
### -experience.bin
When no more than 40 moves are played, there are non more than 6 pieces on the chessboard and at a not low depth in analysis
### -pawngame.bin
When there are no more than 2 pieces and the game's phase is not the ending
### -openings.bin
In the form .bin (>=1) at the initial stage of game with memorized the move played, the depth and the score.
In this mode, the engine is not less strong than Stockfish in a match play without learning, but a lot better in analysis mode and to solve hard positions.
With learning, the engine became stronger and stronger.
MCTS-Learn-in Mode

"From Kelly kinyama
The engine learns from experience. It writes the moves it plays to the hard disk. In the next game, it uses the same information if it encounters the same position, the same way we use the transposition table. It saves the information permanently on the hard drive, And loads information in memory during play.
With the decision tree, it plays more accurately and evaluates the positions more correctly.

-For this method to work, you must always restart the engine for each and every game.
-Games should be started from the start position.
-Those binary files represent opening variations. We humans give names to the variations. My engine is giving them numbers. So it always knows which file to load in memory.
-The engine is constantly updating the files each time it plays."
The engine learns from experience for default.

Zerbinati committed

Source code

playoutSimpleAlways ... mpleAlways
Special thank to amchess for hint
Download the Learning BIN Pack ... earning.7z
- Unzip the archive
- Copy SugaR to the same folder and install it
All future versions of "S_MCTSL" or subsequent SugaR Officials can be installed in the same folder containing the BIN Learning files
"With learning, the engine gets stronger and stronger."

Download Here
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