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DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?

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DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?  Empty DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?

Post  jiri on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:41 pm

DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?  51w5x210

Is Your Move Safe?

An instructive and comprehensive puzzle book now available in e-format via the mobile app Forward Chess, and you can order hard copies via Amazon.
Far more amateur games are lost because a player makes an unsafe move, rather than missing a tactic given by the opponent or making a fatal positional mistake.
This book is for intermediates and up (1400+) - puzzles ask if various candidate moves are safe. Includes basic instructive examples up through extremely difficult, "grey" answers. Many general safety issues are discussed in detail. A multitude of general safety guidelines are highlighted and explained.

Is Your Move Safe? is a "cousin" book to Looking for Trouble, but this in no way implies you need one book to benefit from the other. Looking asks the reader to identify and deal with threats from the opponent's previous move. Is Your Move Safe, on the other hand, looks at safety from the view of analyzing your own candidate moves to see if they are safe.

Check out Pete Tamburro's comments at ArcaMax ("...a great new book by popular chess teacher Dan Heisman...")

Safety first! Success in chess begins with asking yourself the basic question, β€œIs the move that I'm considering a safe one?”

The question may sound simple, but answering it is not so simple. National Master and award-winning chess instructor Dan Heisman has carefully selected more than 150 theoretical and tournament positions to show how a move may look safe but isn't, or how it can appear risky and still be the safest option on the board.

Traditional tactics books tell you that your opponent's position is not safe, suggesting that as the player to move in the puzzle you can win material or deliver checkmate. Is Your Move Safe? concentrates instead on helping you to make sure that your opponent won't have any such tactics to find! Ranging from fairly easy to very difficult, the multiple-choice puzzles in this book will challenge most players from low intermediate to strong master. The answers are not all clear-cut – many of them are extensively analyzed and will have you digging deeply into the position.

If you want a practical book to improve your ability to choose your moves, Is Your Move Safe? is just what you've been looking for!

Is Your Move Safe?
***WINNER*** 2016 Chess Journalists of America "Best Book: Instruction" !!


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DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?  Empty Re: DAN HEISMAN Is Your Move Safe?

Post  camerasrepairman on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:58 pm



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