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Luther's Chess Reformation by Thomas Luther

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 Luther's Chess Reformation by Thomas Luther Empty Luther's Chess Reformation by Thomas Luther

Post  ChessCaissa on Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:03 am

PDF plus PGN:

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Thanks to E_Meyer and to gambit_man! sunny

Title and Author:Luther's Chess Reformation - Thomas Luther
Hardcover: 232
Publisher: Quality Chess
Publication Date: December 2016
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1784830178
ISBN-13: 978-1784830175

Becoming a Grandmaster is the dream of every young chess talent. Thomas Luther achieved this goal despite the added challenge of being born with a disability.

Luther’s Chess Reformation provides a wealth of practical tips and suggestions for chess players of all levels. Using the experiences and insights gained from his remarkable career, Luther offers an insider’s view into the world of grandmaster chess. Readers will enjoy his chatty style, while also benefiting from invaluable advice about what it takes to achieve one’s chess goals.

Grandmaster Thomas Luther is a three-time German Champion who reached the Top 100 in the world. Luther is a highly successful coach and one of only a handful of people to be awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer.

"The book also contains tons of original tests and studies that will make your brain work. I personally appreciated ”The Luther’s test” which is a small test with 21 positions for players rated 2200-2400, seriously? These exercises are tricky!

Luther’s book is original and deals with topics that you don’t normally read about in chess publications.

Highly recommended!"

IM Renier Castellanos (full review)

"It is a chess book that many can learn from, both about chess technically and in terms of knowledge of the world of chess grandmasters. And incidentally, we learn a few things about life in the former East Germany, where of course it was not all doom and gloom. There is much about the life of top chess players and any youthful talent planning to become professional should read this."

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad


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 Luther's Chess Reformation by Thomas Luther Empty Thank you

Post  Gmde on Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:07 pm

Thanks for the file.
Thank you.


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