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The Ponziani Opening ChessCentral's Data Library

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The Ponziani Opening ChessCentral's Data Library Empty The Ponziani Opening ChessCentral's Data Library

Post  Tacticschess on Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:32 pm

Kindly anyone have upload a The Ponziani Opening by ChessCentral Data Library

The Ponziani Opening
ChessCentral's Data Library
Get focused with our new series of on-target databases ready for immediate download! The ChessCentral Data Library is for the specialist who needs a comprehensive source of games for his chosen opening or variation. Tired of wondering if the "other guy" knows something you don't? Look no further - here you will find the largest collection of relevant games assembled anywhere, along with an Introduction to help orient newcomers to the opening. Most importantly, each database comes with its own specially constructed Opening Key - a powerful tool that lets you pinpoint the critical variations and see at a glance which games require detailed study.

Each entry in the ChessCentral Data Library contains a staggering number of games, usually double that of the typical "Mega" CD. And we're talking squeaky clean: besides the usual "kill doubles" drill, these databases were sorted by move order and visually scanned for those hard-to-get duplicates. The Players Index has been unified, and we even tried to standardize the Tournament Index! So don't worry - you're getting far more than a simple merging of other're getting the best game collection available. The ChessCentral Data Library offers a sure foundation for anyone wishing to take up the opening in question.

We believe the ChessCentral Data Library is perfect for any tournament player preparing to use these openings. Sure, owning a book or two is good, but nothing can replace actually seeing thousands of complete games played out on the chess board! A few hours spent here will be quickly repaid by points on the crosstable. So enjoy...and happy hunting with the ChessCentral Data Library!

The Ponziani Opening (C44)
Covers 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3 with over 10,000 games. Includes introductory text and special Opening Key - 297 classification positions! Complete through 1-1-2018.

You will need ChessBase 6 and higher, or Fritz (Houdini, Komodo, etc.), or the FREE ChessBase Reader.


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