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Offering Chess24 coupons for 2€

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Offering Chess24 coupons for 2€ Empty Offering Chess24 coupons for 2€

Post  Chess24Coupons on Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:53 pm

Hello, you can buy a 10€ discount coupon for chess24.

- You can redeem the code for video series and E-Books on
- The coupon CANNOT be redeemed for the payment of premium accounts/features
- You can use ONLY ONE coupon per video series => that means the video series will get cheaper by 10€ (all series below 10€ you will get for free)
- No prior payment required on to redeem the coupon code
- The coupon is valid until May 2018

How to buy?
- Select "Pay friends and family" in Paypal (other payments will be ignored)
- Send 2€ via PayPal to chess24coupons"at" and add the E-Mail you want the code sent to
- You will recieve the code until 0:00 CET
- If you have any questions, send me a mail to chess24coupons"at"

I have only about 100 coupons left, so you better be fast. There is no limit of coupons you can buy; if you wish to do so, send me multiple times 2€.

Have fun saving money Smile


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