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Chess Opening Master Pro

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Post  jiri on Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:07 am

Chess Opening Master Pro  A5627a10

Chess Opening Master Pro


Master your chess openings with this extensive database of openings, gain the upper hand before the game has even begun! Suitable for beginners and experts alike.


♙ Database of 2000+ openings, including all ECO codes! Never get lost in the opening again!
♙ Explore and discover new openings, make your move and see what you should play next!
♙ Includes a Grandmaster-level chess engine - have the computer find the best move for you!
♙ See GM engine evaluation - find out what the computer thinks!
♙ Choose the openings you want to learn, and test yourself! Play the entire opening from the beginning and identify openings on sight!
♙ Search for an opening by name, and study it!

And remember:

"Of chess it has been said that life is not long enough for it, but that is the fault of life, not chess." - Irving Chernev
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