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Ivanhoe 9,46h settings

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Ivanhoe 9,46h settings Empty Ivanhoe 9,46h settings

Post  gpaunica on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:37 pm

Hello chess friends, I downloaded Ivanhoe 9.46h chess engine, I setup the Threads option to 6, but the engine uses only 1 thread.
When I double click on the exe file it shows correctly the number of total threads and it says multicore enabled, but when it is installed in a chess GUI when I make an engine match it uses only 1 thread.
Is there another settings for enable multicore in a chess GUI for this engine?
I remember for Saros 4.1.6 chess engine it has to be checked the SMP option and for Elektro engine Multi thread option, but for Ivanhoe 9.46h, I donțt know what is the option to enable multi threading.
Thanks a lot.


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