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Java Chess Engines... Empty Java Chess Engines...

Post  supersharp77 on Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:57 am

Been working on Java (Jar) chess engines of late...trying to get them to play moves and work in Shredder and also in Fritz GUI... I had downloaded quite a few of these in my engines folders over the years starting with Cuckoo Chess...Carballo and Mediocre chess and ending with the newer ones in the SJCE Gui folder (Unidexter ChessbotX & Ficherle etc).Took some time but I was able to get quite a few to work...Chesster..Animats CE....Brembo CE ...Alf...etc None of the Cuckoo Chess versions (jar files) worked (so far) neither did Carballo or Mediocre jar files....Pulse has never worked (neither jar or exe) Fischerle has some weird 2 stage jar loading system and a fixed hash setup and will not run without using a bat file....The Bagatur 1.3 exe loads and plays but the jar file would not work with the normal setup...(1.2..1.2a or 1.3 or 1.4)... Olithink 4.12j plays nice as a jar setup.. Cuckoochess does play in SJCE Gui but does not play properly because it lost 2 games in a row to Fischerle chess engine and seemed to play much weaker than it should.....more work is needed to get quite a few of these engine running and up to speed....Thanks for you help in this matter..AR Smile Wink

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