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1337 chess PRO ( PREMIUM VERSION )

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1337 chess PRO ( PREMIUM VERSION ) Empty 1337 chess PRO ( PREMIUM VERSION )

Post  R4ML4N on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:09 am

jiri wrote:

1337chess PRO
(Updated )

An evolution of hundreds of versions, daily tuning and years of CPU time, one of the best ctg (chessbase) openings book you can have.
Tuned with the latest strongest engines (Stockfish 8 versions and Komodo 10.3) to bring you the strongest opening book!

Over 3 years of round the clock tuning, One of the most heavily tuned and updated book on the planet and have already won lots of engine, centaur and correspondence tournaments over the years. Designed for the hardcore and perfectionist engine and computer chess enthusiast.
The book always seek strong novelties on a variety of opening lines to achieve maximum win rate. And the rate of losing lines is very low and is immediately eliminated if found.
Dedicated testing on online chess sites, so if you play online chess you can expect this has the latest theory.
Suited for all time controls, the book is tuned to find the "truth" in the position, we don't enable lines just to get an easy time advantage although that comes as a side effect as we extend book lines.
Manually tuned and analyzed by multiple engines up to 90 plies deep
We have a wide array of public, private, and commercial opening books and chess reference updates regularly to refute or get the best lines as possible and combine them all in the book besides innovating our own original lines.

Referense your book for fix lines your new book Exclamation Exclamation

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1337 chess PRO ( PREMIUM VERSION ) Empty Re: 1337 chess PRO ( PREMIUM VERSION )

Post  Sicilian2 on Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:02 pm

This is an older version (030616), on the website autor hasn't updated


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