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Crafty 10 (New version)

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Crafty 10 (New version) Empty Crafty 10 (New version)

Post  R4ML4N on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:44 am

Crafty Chess 10 (New version)[/b]:-

Crafty Chess 10 (New version) is a freeware GUI (graphical user interface) for chess engines, coupled with Crafty - descendant of Cray Blitz - World computer chess champion 1983, 1986.
Crafty Chess allows you to play against Crafty, configure its skill level from beginner to grandmaster, or use other UCI or Winboard chess protocol compatible engine instead. Read the included documentation for more information.

**************************************** ************
Crafty Chess interface changes from version 9.0 to 10.0 (release date: 12/06/2014)

Changed Crafty engine from v23.8 to v24.1
Changed menus to Office XP style (open source version this time)
Added “Time Control” (clock) column in PGN library view (thus enabling to order by TC as well)
[Analyze mode] will automatically enter "Human Vs Human" mode so that you can make moves and watch the evaluation
Crafty output will be less ‘noisy’ by default, to make it easier to see the most important information (best line and score)
Engine ini files and PGNs will now by saved in My Documents folder “CraftyChess”
Some slight graphical improvements to the 3D board mode
Inno setup installation in three languages, uninstall option (via Control Panel), option for associating PGN with the GUI etc.
after returning from Windows sleep mode while Crafty window was minimized (or in some other rare scenarios) all Crafty child windows might disappear - this has been fixed to an extent of making it a non-issue (the origins of the bug are still not fully clear)
"Crafty Chess tournament" incorrectly recorded user result when playing as black (made this error in one of last few versions, it did not concern "Engine tournament mode")
incorrect move markers when using premove in the rotated 2D board mode (i.e. - when playing as black)
PGN library did not erase column value from previous item while loading (thus when PGN library with differing PGN header availability was loaded some games might have been shown as having the same date/event/site as the one for which this information was unavailable, however such PGN libraries are not common)
fixed some issues with small window mode
fixed bugs concerning activation of 3D board for first time with high DPI or rotated 2D board mode
Download the portable edition in a 7-zip archive here: crafty_gui_10.7z (4.66 Mb)


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