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Marco Costalba has stepped down as maintainer of Stockfish :

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Marco Costalba has stepped down as maintainer of Stockfish : Empty Marco Costalba has stepped down as maintainer of Stockfish :

Post  R4ML4N on Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:47 pm

"I have decided to step down as Stockfish maintainer

I have less and less time and I am tired on engaging in long and annoying discussions every time a patch passes LTC (or even when it doesn't).

Sometime I hope that a patch does not pass LTC for the trouble that it will get, of course this cannot be the right mind approach of a maintainer, so I am no more suitable for this job.

To maintain a project like SF requires a lot of work, especially if you want to remain strict on the quality of the stuff you apply, it requires much less work if you apply anything that passes, but this is not my aim and I will never accept it.

Lately this work became a real pain.

I ask you, as a community, to fork my repo and continue this effort on that. I will keep my repo active as private development, where I will add what I like according to my own judgement. Of course I will give up submitting tests on fishtest because, as the rule says, only official dev branch can be tested in fishtest. Possibly I will apply some good (according to my only judgment) patch from master repo, giving credit to the author, until the two repos will diverge so much that back porting without testing becomes too risky and eventually my repo will die of natural death.

Probably a new development model will raise, and I wish the new one to be better than the old one, although I strongly doubt that applying anything is a good policy in the long term. But this is no more a decision belonging to me, nor a decision I'd want to be involved.

Now Stockfish is the strongest engine in the world. This is much more than what I had dream of when I forked Glaurung in 2008, and I really cannot ask more from this journey in chess engine world.

Have fun
Some background may be found here with the details of his latest dispute with other Stockfish developers :


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