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Fruit Reloaded Empty Fruit Reloaded

Post  R4ML4N on Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:40 am

Ten years ago, Fruit 1.0 was born. In honour of this occasion there will be two projects unveiled of which one is the following:

Daniel Mehrmann is initiating a "let's update Fruit" project called Fruit reloaded. It means what it looks like: add SMP to Fruit and upgrade search and evaluation with modern techniques. Daniel has already worked a lot on it with some help from Ryan Benitez. But he needs more contributors! Here is the GitHub page:
public I hope that some of you will join the effort. You can download a snapshot of the current development version at

Ryan is also preparing a Fruit-64 version for iOS. Fruit-64 is a bitboard chess program based on Fruit 2.2. Fruit-64 is heavily dependent on 64 bit hardware and will be released for iOS devices with A7 or newer hardware.
As for me, I wave goodbye to Fruit and am moving to new horizons which will be discussed in a separate thread.


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