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Post  supersharp77 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:19 pm

Looking for additional winboard/UCI engines for chess for android (4.5) engines found so far......... adroitchess, arasan 13.4 arasan 15.5 cheng3 107 cheng 4, daydreamer, diablo051b, doublecheck 2.6 doublecheck 3.1 doublecheck 3.3 garbochess 3, greko 8.2 greko90, jazz 501, komodo1.3 komodo203 komodo 3, pawny031 (buggy) pepito159, redqueen098 (buggy), rotor 04 rotor 07 rotor 08, simplex098, sissa20, stockfish 2.1 stockfish 2.22 stockfish 2.31 stockfish 3 (not working) stockfish 4 (not working) stockfish dd (not working), sungorus14 APIL 1.06 (buggy) Critter 1.2 Critter 1.6 Critter 1.6a, Bikjump 1.8 Bikjump 2.1, POS, Discocheck 3.71 Discocheck 4.01,Alfil 12 Alfil 13, Gaviota 85.1, buzz1127,chess one201ja, crafty 23.4ja, crafty 23.5ja, danasah 488,danasah 507,exchess 610 exchess620beta, gfc08rev5ja, gk-090ja, gullydeckel 215pl10ja, kmtchess, knightcap3, mizar030ja, mskcp145ja, natwarlal014ja, olithink530ja olithink531ja olithink532ja, Phalanxxiiija, scidlet361scidlet 261b2ja, scorpio27 scorpio276ja (not working), sjeng 112, sloppy023ja, surprise43beta13ja, toledonanochess2010ja, zzzzz-351ja, Fairy Max, dirtybeta 2011ja (buggy), Fire (not working) Napoleon PP (not working), Fischer (not working), Ivanhoe, Robbolito g3, Robbolito e4, Octochess r4638 (works partially), Rocinante 101ja 201ja(buggy) smaug221, Rodent0.18.. Rodent 010 (not working), Typhoon, TJ Chess 1.1, Textel 1.01, Textel 1.02, Ifrit beta (buggy), Mizar, Minko Chess 1.3, Toga II ja, TogaIII ja, Toga II SE, Suff 0.3...........Looking for Cinnamon chess, 1.1 Cuckoo Chess? and the Rival Chess engine and any others not yet on the list..........Thanks in advance!! Cool 

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