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Gull 2.8 Beta - Gull 2.9 Alpha

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Gull 2.8 Beta - Gull 2.9 Alpha Empty Gull 2.8 Beta - Gull 2.9 Alpha

Post  chesselec on Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:24 am

Link :

Gull 2.8 Beta :

- Full evaluation rewrite. Gull is back to being an original engine.
- Minor search tweaks.
- Beta status due to unrefined source code (the evaluation function was just copy-pasted from Gull 2.9 alpha)
- BMI2 build provides a small speedup on CPUs with BMI2 instruction set support (Intel Haswell).
- For testing under ChessGUI it may be better to use the version with automatic affinity turned off.

Gull 2.9 Alpha :

- This version is a base for Gull 3 development. It has no multi-cpu support, since I haven't yet decided whether to implement SMP via processes or threads.
- Maximum hash table size is 1Gb.
- Should be slightly stronger than 2.8 beta at ultra short time controls due to minor differences in move generation algorithm.
- At blitz and long time controls the ELO difference is likely to be well within error margins of most rating lists.



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Gull 2.8 Beta - Gull 2.9 Alpha Empty Re: Gull 2.8 Beta - Gull 2.9 Alpha

Post  Bacolod Chess on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:36 pm

At long last, an update for Gull  Cool  cool. I thought ThinkALot wouldn't release publicly Gull anymore after the leaked Gull R600. He was really upset.
Bacolod Chess
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