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Stockfish dev. versions with SyzygyProbeDepth

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Stockfish dev. versions with SyzygyProbeDepth Empty Stockfish dev. versions with SyzygyProbeDepth

Post  Luigi335 on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:25 pm

Ronald de Man has added a new option, "SyzygyProbeDepth" to the latest versions of Stockfish.

In this way I was finally able to use 6 man TB without appreciable slowing of the engine.

The default value is "1", which corresponds to the older behaviour. But I set it to a higher value of "20". In this way, the access to TB on my slow hard disk are very small, but very effective, and there are no leaks in the depth of analysis.

I think that so the TB come into play right when they are needed, that is when on the board there are only a dozen pieces or less.

 Very Happy 


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Stockfish dev. versions with SyzygyProbeDepth Empty Compile 30032014 Wx64/Syzygy And LP Support

Post  R4ML4N on Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:43 pm

latest compile from Marco Costalba's StockFish Dev (Fix a compile error with Intel C++) merged with Syzygy & Large Page support. It's compiled using the newest GCC++ 4.8.2, cleaned and optimized for faster engine access (<500kb). Tested with the original dev and RDM versions with execellent results. Enjoy your testing.


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