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PyChess Anderssen 0.12 beta1

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PyChess Anderssen 0.12 beta1 Empty PyChess Anderssen 0.12 beta1

Post  Canibal on Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:48 am

PyChess Anderssen 0.12 beta1

a new PyChess Anderssen 0.12 beta1 has been made available. Lots of bugs fixed and some cool new features was implemented.

New engine output sidepanel.
New hint panel showing opening book moves, engine analyzing lines and egtb lookup results.
New preferences tab for hint panel.
New piece set theme tab in preferences menu.
New engines dialog to add/delete engines and edit engine options.
New export position menu to save current position into .png file.
New show captured pieces option in preferences.
New crazyhouse variant support.
And finally the outstanding 'pychess scrambled all FICS variables' bug was fixed.


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