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Arasan v15.3

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Arasan v15.3 Empty Arasan v15.3

Post  von46 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:01 am


by Jon Dart

I have just released Arasan 15.3, which has a number of improvements to the chess engine. Overall it is scoring about 25 rating points higher than 15.2 in my testing.

I have also put some portability fixes into the code so that it will run on a wider variety of machines. In particular I have it running on a Raspberry Pi ARM board.

Some to-do items that didn't make it into this release:

Arasan can still lose on time in very fast games - need to investigage and fix this.
Poor scaling behavior on NUMA systems. I have such a system for testing now and plan to investigate.
Null move should probably be scaled back in endgames, but so far my experiments doing this cause it to score worse.


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