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IvanHoe Vs PanChess 32bit

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IvanHoe Vs PanChess 32bit Empty IvanHoe Vs PanChess 32bit

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:28 am

Acer Extensa 5630 -Intel® Core™ 2 T5800 Processor -
Sistem: Win. Vista 32bit - 4 GRam -
Gui: DeepFritz 12DL
Book: Irregular Powerbook
Hash: 512
IvanHoe Vs PanChess 32bit 48911abce5ec
1- 8fdea6069394a075cc7459b84cba1d26 *IvanHoe 47c+ GH w32.exe
2- 94bc6034954d6873d5ad67730a76ef3d *Ivanhoe B46fb w32.exe
3- 6c5a6d747f2ff9af46386b0da3b1b7f6 *IvanHoe T0.7 w32 MODE_GAME.exe
4- f1293b2658f18a8ca4786ffe5d052d51 *PanChess 00.220 w32.exe
5- 3754454bb784e180b098f49fef4cff38 *IvanHoe999946h.exe
6- ec569726cfc5edb3bc440f214c88472f *IvanMod12ReleaseX32.exe
7- cf1c0b07e7c063182993cc5a90d1f974 *PanChess 00.240 w32.exe
8- 37bdbb002152a0ceba660d80e08d585b *PanChess 00.230 w32.exe


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