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NEW - Robodini x32bit & x64bit UCI Engines.

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NEW - Robodini x32bit & x64bit UCI Engines. Empty NEW - Robodini x32bit & x64bit UCI Engines.

Post  Zenith on Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:16 am

Robodini x32bit & x64bit UCI engines.

It turns out to be a result from a bet between Richard Vida (author of CRITTER) and someone in the Rybka forum relative to Houdini's origin and how easy it was to RE Houdini3, due to the RobboLito-Houdini connection, with the aid of RobboLito source code.


Here are the preliminary results so far, ... but feel free to test it yourself :
Games Completed = 511 of 3000 (Avg game length = 37.019 sec)
Settings = Gauntlet/32MB/10000ms in 40 moves/M 600cp for 10 moves, D 150 moves/EPD:d:\Programs\LittleBlitzer\swcr-fq-openings-v4.0.epd(3890)
Time = 4813 sec elapsed, 23442 sec remaining
1. Robodini 321.0/511 232-101-178 (L: m=11 t=35 i=0 a=55) (D: r=64 i=55 f=29 s=3 a=27) (tpm=243.8 d=15.5 nps=2226562)
2. Houdini 3.0 39.0/73 23-18-32 (L: m=0 t=4 i=0 a=14) (D: r=6 i=14 f=7 s=1 a=4) (tpm=244.6 d=15.6 nps=2382430)
3. Houdini 2.0 31.0/74 17-29-28 (L: m=1 t=6 i=0 a=22) (D: r=10 i=7 f=2 s=0 a=9) (tpm=247.9 d=14.0 nps=2257074)
4. Critter 1.6a 30.0/73 14-27-32 (L: m=4 t=0 i=0 a=23) (D: r=14 i=10 f=6 s=0 a=2) (tpm=250.7 d=15.0 nps=2276216)
5. Komodo5 28.0/73 17-34-22 (L: m=11 t=0 i=0 a=23) (D: r=9 i=5 f=5 s=1 a=2) (tpm=243.2 d=13.1 nps=1509232)
6. Ivanhoe 9.50b 20.0/73 6-39-28 (L: m=5 t=0 i=0 a=34) (D: r=9 i=13 f=4 s=0 a=2) (tpm=240.5 d=14.4 nps=1928395)
7. Rybka 4.1 SSE4 20.5/73 11-43-19 (L: m=2 t=0 i=0 a=41) (D: r=10 i=3 f=0 s=1 a=5) (tpm=231.0 d=11.0 nps=125239)
8. Stockfish 2.2.2

Interview with Richard Vida 29-01-2013
Location: Slovakia, EU

Please accept my apologies for the confusion I unwillingly created. This unfortunate Robodini thing got way more attention than it really deserves. I got a lot of questions regarding this by emails/pms/whatnot, so I decided to answer them all in a single forum post in the form of a FAQ document.

Q: Robodini is a clone of Houdini3?
A: Yes, that was the intent

Q: Robodini is a hex-edited/packed/modified H3 binary?
A: No. It was compiled from source code (written by me) and packed with MPRESS(64bit)/UPX(32bit). Compression ratio is close to 2.5:1

Q: Why that funny name?
A1: The name "Robodini" was inspired by dr. Wael Deeb
A2: I thought this name will fit the origin of Houdinis code base
A3: I realized that there is a typo - "Robbodini" would be more adequate

Q: Are you serious about this engine?
A: No. In fact, I think it is pretty useless. It lacks many features of a full-blown chess engine. No SMP, no EGTB support, etc... Honestly, I don't want to see anybody wasting his time seriosly testing it.

Q: Is your Robodini stronger than H3?
A: Definitely not. At the source code level it has the _potential_ to be _at most_ equal to H3. But the published binary is some 10-12% slower than H3, plus I am sure there are some hidden bugs (it is almost impossible to write bug-free code in such a short time)

Q: What was your motivation to write such a "monstrosity"?
A1: It was a bet inspired by a discussion on the Rybka forum. Some people didn't believe it is doable.
A2: Besides that, I really (i mean REALLY) wanted to show how easy job is this given Houdinis origins. (With a truely original engine it would be almost impossible to do a decent RE in such a short time. Having Robbolito source code at my disposal was really essential.

Q: Please, will you release a multi-threaded version?
Q: Are you planning to develop Robodini further?
A: No. I won the bet, and I am done. The published version 1.1 is the last. There will be no SMP, no FiftyDistance, no MateSearch, no EGTBs, no whatever... If you want a full-blown engine, please consider purchasing the real thing (H3), or download a free alternative.

Q: Why is the executable so small?
A: One of the terms of our bet was (to prevent me cheating by hex-editing???) to produce an executable smaller in size than the compressed "material table" in the H3 binary. My challenger wanted to be sure I really did my job thoroughly . In fact this gave me quite a bit of headaches. I am not really good at maths and it took a considerable amount of time until I derived the correct formulas for the H3 material table. I don't want to do it again...

Q: How close is the R1.1 evaluation to H3?
Q: I ran R1.1 through Don's similarity tester and it is incredibly close to H3. Why is that?
A: They are as close as possible. When fed by random middlegame positions, both engines should give exactly same moves/evaluations/node counts during at least one second or one million nodes. (1-thread, same hash sizes, and both engines restarted between searches). This was one of the terms of the bet. Due to a bug in H3 which is very hard to reproduce node counts may differ after some millions of nodes.

Q: Why you have published a cloned engine?
A: In order to claim my win on the bet I was supposed to publish a working binary on a public chess forum. I deliberately choose the Immortal forum (even the russian section) in the hope that there it will not attract too much publicity... Alas, I was mistaken - it seems once something is published, the community won't be ignorant.

Q: You did this to hurt mr. Houdart?
A: No. Although I do have some ethical objections against mr. Houdart, I think this release won't harm his sales nor his ego.

Q: How much time you spent writing this engine?
A: 3-4 hours per day for 2 weeks. It was certainly less than 80 hours. But agian, without Robbolito codebase it would be impossible in such a short time...

Q: How you did it?
A: I took the Robbolito sources and backported all the changes Robert made.

Q: Are you willing to publish source code?
A: No. Despite R1.1 being a H3 clone, it contains a lot of boilerplate code that is (c) by me. I hate the Robbodini coding style - I had to replace it with something more readable/maintainable while preserving its functionality.

Q: Can you improve H3?
A: I don't know. I won't try. I discovered several bugs, most of them are inconsequential. Only one of them affects the gameplay seriously, but it is not unimaginable that by fixing it the engine might become weaker...

Richard Vida

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NEW - Robodini x32bit & x64bit UCI Engines. Empty New Engine: Robodini 1.1 w32 & x64 !!!

Post  Zenith on Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:02 am

New Engine: Robodini 1.1 w32 & x64 !!!

by Prima ยป 29 Jan 2013 06:57

Robodini 1.1 w32 & x64:

download link:
or ... -than.html

For details about this [new] engine, discussions can be followed at CCC forum (TalkChess): ... 10&t=47034

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