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LucasChess 7.00 engine  Empty LucasChess 7.00 engine

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:59 am


New is:

Rating-Elo :
Tourney-elo: is a timed rating against personalities based in Greko engine by Michele Tumbarello.
New Training of ratings option.
New option : random selection.(Michele Tumbarello)
Added elo labels when saving pgn-file. (shahinjy)
Now color is not random, and it is possible to cancel game during first move, or till 6 moves when non competitive mode. (shahinjy)

Personal Openings Guide :
It allows creating a guide of openings.
Access directly in menu Tools-Openings, and when playing or viewing a PGN file.
Possibility to create multiple guides
Moves are added directly from board
It is possible to add graphics elements, with Director option (key D), that are saved or using F keys.
It allows to add games and its statistics, also it is possible to work with multiple blocks of games.

To very young players, a new option: Albums(Play-Opponents for young players), based on the cartoon images created by Martin Bérubé (

Visual changes:
Now Right-button in board shows configuration-menu. Umbrella in corner removed.
Font used by default in all application can be changed(Options-Configuration-Appearance). (Michele Tumbarello)
New set of pieces, Kilfiger by James Kilfiger. (Preparated by alfons).
New set of pieces, Cartoons, perhaps to introducing very young children to chess world, based on the cartoon images created by Martin Bérubé (
Speed of moves in board, now configurable in Options-Configuration-Boards. (Michele Tumbarello)
Font size and row height of PGN table, now can be changed. (Kyodai)
Menus/Toolbars, Options-Configuration permit change size and bold. (suggested by Indy)
Option in Configuration to set all PGN notation in english.

Tactics training:
Manual configuration and automatic configuration when new tactics
New register field: Reference, a label with any value useful to diferentiate manual configurations.
Added control of working time.
When first error shows piece to move. (Vladimir and bolokay)

External engines,
Sort by elo and individually. (Michele Tumbarello)

PGN Viewer:
Added "Create training tactics" (Utilities). (bolokay)
"Save" shows menu = All or Selected games (shahinjy)
Added parentheses in filters.
Added column Plies. (shahinjy)

Analisys of a game :
Added option to fix depth that calculate engine.(istolacio idea)
More support about variants :
Option to add variants only when lost of points is more that a minimum. (bulldozer idea)
Show only one move of each variant. (Istolacio idea)
Show or not info about engine
At end shows two parameters, domination and average lost scores. (Alex)
Assign nag $1 when is best move to the engine.

Analisys of a position :
Changed visually.

Critter 1.6a down to 1.2, problems working as tutor, don´t show all moves.
Stockfish update to 2.3.1

Tournaments between engines:
Added "Select all" about engines when creating new games. (Red Hood)

Play against an engine of your choice:
Added option resign/draw engine.(Michele Tumbarello)
Added in "Set strength", "Move selected by the player". (Richard idea)
Range of hints extended to 999 (Michele Tumbarello).

Moves between two positions:
Now max level is 10.(Chris Iannacone)

Play like a GM:
Improved when using an adjudicator engine.

Learn a game,
New training in Resources for zebras, it tries to help to learn any PGN game. (Based on ideas from baddadza)

Setting an start position
Added Voyager button that shows a reduced board to facilitate to copy a board-position from a document like a pdf or a page web.


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