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A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR Empty A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR

Post  User Number 1647 on Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:21 am

I selected these books and united them for particular reasons:

For white: 1. e4
For black (a): 1...e5 and Closed Ruy Lopez (against 1. e4)
For black (b): 1... d5 and Queen's Gambit Declined (against 1. d4)

Take a look and see if some of these books interest you. Laughing

The list:

A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR Book_s11

The link:

Thanks to the original uploaders! cheers

A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR 538116-board-game-challenge
User Number 1647
User Number 1647

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A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR Empty Re: A_Classical_Repertoire_-_64_PDF_Books.RAR

Post  lmarcasv Yesterday at 4:35 am

There is a malware in this link. It has been blocked by the goverment of my country!


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