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Stockfish NNUE 2020-06-04 - Test 2

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 Stockfish NNUE 2020-06-04 - Test 2 Empty Stockfish NNUE 2020-06-04 - Test 2

Post  Vlad555333 on Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:40 am

As I promised yesterday:

 Stockfish NNUE 2020-06-04 - Test 2 Srs11

Test conditions:

-CPU = Intel i5-7400 3GHz (Kaby Lake)
-OS=Windows 10
-TC = 4'+2"
-hash = 256 MB
-books = Perfect_2010.abk (Arena 3.5.1 GUI book) for Komodo 13.3 and Fire 7.1 ; Eman.bin (like book no.1) and the big book of Arturo Ochoa [(Chiron book) - like book no.2] for Eman 5.60 - Eman has been set - for various reasons - for the most powerful play. All Stockfish NNUE compilations (kp\halfkp & blas halfkp) played without books (I want to test the ability of both - small and big - neural network nets - nn.bin to evaluate the opening, the middlegame and the complex endgames).
-all engines were linked to 6-men Syzygy bases.

My conclusion: a great work !!! A strong Stockfish engine having a replaced evaluation function (by a neural network - net). Now, with a decent CPU, neural network engines are available to chess enthusiasts without the expensive GPUs. Stockfish NNUE versions are very close to the force of classical Stockfish 11. Let's wait for the improvements and stronger nets. Lc0, FatFritz, Allie, Scorpio3.XX..........Stockfish NNUE it's coming.......!!!
Bravo to nodchip and all contributors !

The next week: the strongest chess entities of our (poor) Earth on tournament !

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