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Newbie here, what is ChessBase, Fritz etc?

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Newbie here, what is ChessBase, Fritz etc? Empty Newbie here, what is ChessBase, Fritz etc?

Post  Exacomvm on Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:46 pm

Hello, i'm curious what is ChessBase and what is Fritz? I'm fairly new to chess with around of 40 gameplay hours in lifetime, zero discipline, playing 15+15 at blitz speed, sometimes raging and giving away pieces on purpose etc instead of resigning, basically the worst type of player ( since i'm coming from FPS eSports i will get over it fairly soon and fix the mindset of mine ), so i wonder if i even need such software atm.

What it does exactly? I've watched the "ChessBase 15 tutorial Part 1 | How to save your games?" from ChessBase India channel and i don't really get what it's purpose, it's like an "book" for games? How it's different from Lichess? Ofc i can see it useful when you play on actual board since in lichess you can't really import your games.

Fritz 17 for example is like training against AI + analytics right? Again how it does differ from lichess "Play with the Computer" ?


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Newbie here, what is ChessBase, Fritz etc? Empty Re: Newbie here, what is ChessBase, Fritz etc?

Post  Flash on Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:15 pm

ChessBase is a database program for chess games. Use it to very comfortably handle multiple databases with games, no matter how big they are, tournaments, analyses, etc. CB can analyze but not play.

Fritz is a chess playing program* which has some online functionality and can analyze too. It sucks at handling more than one database though.

Both programs overlap considerably, both use the same DB and media format and both can cooperate. The programs get new versions every 2 years, alternating. So new feature come tick-tock.

* Nobody actually "plays" against a chess program. It's boring as hell.


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