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Crafty v25.4Y Chess Engine...

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Crafty v25.4Y Chess Engine... Empty Crafty v25.4Y Chess Engine...

Post  supersharp77 on Wed Dec 25, 2019 10:16 pm

Crafty v25.4Y is available for binary construction windows nonpopcnt and popcnt needed for testing...

"The source is at Mike's GitHub

It is compiling with gcc."

michaelb7@Threadripper-32:~/Github/crafty/src$ crafty
unable to open book file [./book.bin].
book is disabled
unable to open book file [./books.bin].

Crafty v25.4y

machine has 64 processors

White(1): mt 64
max threads set to 64.
White(1): hash 1000M
hash table memory = 512M bytes (32M entries).
White(1): hash 90000M
hash ta

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