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SugaR v5.3 RC2 32-64 Engine

SugaR v5.3 RC2 32-64
Split PSQT init from Position init
Easier for tuning psq tables:

TUNE(myParameters, PSQT::init);

Also move PSQT code in a new *.cpp file, and retire the
old and hacky psqtab.h that required to be included only
once to work correctly, this is not idiomatic for a header

Give wide visibility to psq tables (previously visible only
in position.cpp), this will easy the use of psq tables outside
Position, for instance in move ordering.

Finally trivial code style fixes of the latest patches.

Original patch of Lucas Braesch.

No functional change.
master (#343)
commit 578b21bbeedc41b6e0d1b2df46887b1636a78e2b 1 parent 59f64fd

Halve PSQT row data
Use symmetry along vertical middle axis of the board
to reduce the number of parameters.

For instance psqt value of SQ_A5 == SQ_A4 and value of
SQ_F8 == SQ_F1.

This is always true, at least until now nobody came in
with an asymmetric psqt table that worked.

Original patch by Lucas.

No functional change.
master (#343)
commit 7231b18af1ee62aeb523da1d1fbd5523b2cfa30b 1 parent 578b21b
mcostalba authored

Parameters Adjustaments Pieces Mg\Eg (no Rook)

Parameters Adjustaments Rook
UCI Option
commit 361d2060e0141607e4d2a3f3fae1d5362bd78fac 1 parent 5a14cdd
Zerbinati authored


by gary
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