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Hiarcs14zeBook Tournament Opening Book

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Hiarcs14zeBook Tournament Opening Book Empty Hiarcs14zeBook Tournament Opening Book

Post  system69 on Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:47 pm

The new Hiarcs book has been released. The new downloadable tournament book is called "Hiarcs14zeBook" and comes in CTG (for PC Chessbase customers), HCS (engine book) and HBG (iPad/iPhone) formats. The new Tournament book has a wider repertoire than before with about 22.2 million positions.

July 2019 Hiarcs14zeBook:
Positions: 22,166,732

Hiarcs14zeBook in CTG format (751Mb compressed) - for use under PC Windows Chessbase GUIs
Hiarcs14zeBook in HCS format (130Mb compressed) - own/engine book for use on PC
July 2019 - HIARCS 13.397 Book in HBG format (213Mb compressed) - for use in HIARCS Chess on the iPhone or iPad

When using the CTG book in Fritz GUIs you should open the Book Options and select Optimise (and change "Up to move" to 64 if you want deep variations).


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Hiarcs14zeBook Tournament Opening Book Empty July 2019: Hiarcs14zeBook

Post  sekos on Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:43 pm

Somebody have links , please?


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