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Tiger Hillarp Persson - The Modern Tiger

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Tiger Hillarp Persson - The Modern Tiger  Empty Tiger Hillarp Persson - The Modern Tiger

Post  sarahamine on Wed May 22, 2019 7:09 am

Tiger Hillarp Persson - The Modern Tiger

When I wrote Tiger's Modern ten years ago, I was a different chess player from what I am today,
and more so than anything in relation to the opening that this book is about. Back then I thought,
"Everyone should play the Modern - it's such an awesome opening!", whereas my attitude today
is more along the lines of: "Ifyou like to set yourself a challenge then the Modern is for you. (It's
such an awesome opening.)"
It is not a tectonic shift, but it makes a difference, and the difference will be felt as you continue
reading. Tiger's Modern included sixty-nine games, of which I have re-examined and updated
fifty-nine. For the remaining ten I found better examples and integrated the important parts
into other games. More importantly, I added another forty-three games to cover the advances in
understanding that have occurred in the past decade


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