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Back to Basics: Strategy - Beim

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Back to Basics: Strategy - Beim Empty Back to Basics: Strategy - Beim

Post  ChessCaissa on Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:27 pm

OCR'd PDF (3.6 mb):

Zippy mirror:

Thanks to gaurav_singh_m and to PaulieD! sunny

Back to Basics: Strategy - Beim

The Basics of Chess Strategy While there are many books about how to improve your chess tactics, instructive books about chess strategy, particularly for players of less than master strength, are few and far between. In the latest entry in the widely acclaimed Back to Basics Chess Series, international grandmaster and popular author Valeri Beim explains the basics of strategic concepts in chess. His topics include: - Piece Development - The Center - Principle of two weaknesses - Pawn structures - Cooperation of pieces - Weak pawns - Weak square complexes - Positional considerations - The Bishop pair - Conditions for proper implementation of a strategic plan - Open Lines …and much more! This book has been written for the great majority of chessplayers rated below master strength. Clear, concise explanations and examples, discussions of strategic objectives and of the formation of strategic plans are all designed to aid the aspiring chessplayer to better understand and implement chess strategy.


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