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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty Hiarcs 14s Book Free

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:56 am

Download Link: Part 1:
Download Link: Part 2:

HIARCS Chess Opening Book Subscription
World's Strongest Chess Openings Book¹
Suitable for all players from beginners to the World Chess Champion
Platform: PC Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad
Latest update 30th Sept 2016:
Tournament book 18,156,517 positions/moves and 1,511,490 variations. Includes statistics from 4,362,240 top quality games.

"I subscribe to your Powerbook now and I'm pretty impressed by it, I use it all the time in my chess teaching. As far as I know it is the best publicly available book."
Larry Kaufman, Grandmaster and World Senior Chess Champion.

HIARCS Chess Opening Books are for software download only. They require either the HIARCS Chess Explorer GUI (direct access), a Chessbase/Fritz GUI for CTG, HIARCS chess engine for HCS or HIARCS Chess on iPhone/iPad for HBG. Statistics are only available for direct access, CTG & HBG format books. The HCS format book can be used by HIARCS 14 engines on Mac and PC.


Each HIARCS product comes with its own chess opening book with the latest chess opening theory at the time of the release of the particular product. However, many chess players need to remain up to date with the latest chess opening theory throughout the year and online chess engine players like to have the latest and strongest chess opening book.

For many years HIARCS has had the strongest opening book available and it keeps getting stronger with every release. We even supplied the HIARCS tournament chess opening book to help World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand's team prepare for his World Championship matches.

We now find our book is sought after by many of world's strongest players and is an essential additional resource for the serious chess player.

The latest HIARCS tournament opening book is available in Chessbase CTG format (for PC), HIARCS' own HCS format for Mac and PC with regular updates for subscribers to the HIARCS Chess Opening Book Subscription product. Improvements per year have averaged about 80 Elo points. Over the course of a year the opening book may contribute more to chess strength improvement than the increase in chess engine strength.

The HIARCS Chess Opening Book Subscription offers the following:

bullet Latest HIARCS tournament chess opening book in CTG, HBG and HCS formats with online access for HIARCS Chess Explorer customers.
bullet Quarterly updates usually in June, September, December and March - you will receive an email with details of each update.
bullet Direct access to human reference if you already have HIARCS Chess Explorer
bullet Up to date with the latest chess opening theory
bullet Average improvement of 80 Elo per year
bullet Upon purchase you will receive a link and login details for downloading the latest HIARCS opening book and many previous opening books!
bullet Subscription lasts 1 year and is renewable
The HIARCS tournament book is unbeaten in all book matches against other commercial books. It is the standard by which any other chess opening book should be measured.

Unrivalled track record of delivery and improvements:

Book release date and name Positions Variations Statistics from Top Quality Games
May 2010: Hiarcs13aBook 2,414,780 325,712 545,826
June 2010: Hiarcs13bBook 2,479,533 335,923 583,896
September 2010: Hiarcs13cBook 2,581,613 351,951 719,857
December 2010: Hiarcs13dBook 2,925,726 382,899 678,641
March 2011: Hiarcs13eBook 3,454,030 442,650 1,077,116
June 2011: Hiarcs13fBook 3,879,189 527,673 1,363,537
September 2011: Hiarcs13gBook 4,163,027 497,190 1,602,737
December 2011: Hiarcs13hBook 5,185,413 633,515 2,083,695
March 2012: Hiarcs13iBook 5,302,731 647,305 1,770,327
June 2012: Hiarcs13jBook 6,304,018 688,358 1,871,251
September 2012: Hiarcs14cBook 7,359,979 788,566 1,982,128
December 2012: Hiarcs14dBook 7,558,429 811,574 2,090,700
March 2013: Hiarcs14eBook 8,247,074 833,897 2,038,316
June 2013: Hiarcs14fBook 8,604,093 858,231 1,793,542
September 2013: Hiarcs14gBook 9,756,350 972,482 1,889,958
December 2013: Hiarcs14hBook 10,211,291 1,015,501 2,015,268
March 2014: Hiarcs14iBook 10,897,668 1,068,174 1,803,109
June 2014:  Hiarcs14jBook 11,161,032 1,092,176 1,930,879
September 2014:  Hiarcs14kBook 12,024,410 1,157,157 2,100,345
December 2014:  Hiarcs14lBook 12,681,453 1,202,363 2,189,453
March 2015:  Hiarcs14mBook 12,930,890 1,222,011 2,262,009
June 2015:  Hiarcs14nBook 13,047,908 1,230,973 2,284,528
September 2015:  Hiarcs14oBook 14,254,799 834,277 1,071,330
December 2015:  Hiarcs14pBook 16,933,739 973,051 1,254,482
March 2016:  Hiarcs14qBook 17,285,794 1,200,871 2,511,474
June 2016:  Hiarcs14rBook 17,663,676 1,153,239 2,754,556
September 2016:  Hiarcs14sBook 18,156,517 1,511,490 4,362,240

¹ Computer chess opening books contain positions, moves, statistics and playability recommendations, they do not include textual comments.


The HIARCS opening books are prepared and managed by Mark Uniacke.

Assistance is provided by Senior International Master Harvey Williamson and Computer Chess Expert Eric Hallsworth. Further input is provided by a number of top chess players and subscribers to the book. Thank you - your help enables a larger, stronger and better opening books.



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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty Re: Hiarcs 14s Book Free

Post  One Piace on Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:42 am

Thankyou very muchhhh ,U are the best ! cheers cheers cheers
One Piace
One Piace

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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty Re: Hiarcs 14s Book Free

Post  shrapnel on Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:01 am

No good for Long Time Control games.


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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty hbg file for iPad

Post  valt on Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:34 am

I am looking for the Hiarcs 14s opening book for the iPad (hbg file).
Would be amazing if someone could upload it here!


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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty Re: Hiarcs 14s Book Free

Post  XsupremeX on Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:30 pm

Hiarcs 14s Book Free Scct_b10

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Hiarcs 14s Book Free Empty Re: Hiarcs 14s Book Free

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