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DGT x Fritz 17 Problem

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DGT x Fritz 17 Problem Empty DGT x Fritz 17 Problem

Post  gleidsonmacedo on Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:16 am

Hello friends.
I need some help, I would like to transmit, in my club, the matches of the final match to an audience. I have the DGT board and clock.
But, in addition to the movements and time on the clock, I wanted an engine to show the evaluation of the position as the movements are made, a bar that varies with each starting position in real time.
In livechess, DGT's standard program, I can transmit the position and the clock, but not the analysis. In Fritz 17 I can transmit the position and the analysis, but the clock does not work because as there is no human vs. human option in the fritz I need to leave in infinite analysis mode what disables the clock in Fritz.
Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this problem?

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