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Tablebases Empty Tablebases

Post  Garry K on Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:47 pm

-Gaviota 6.54 GB
-Nalimov 3-4-5 7.06 GB
-Scorpio 5man EGTB 194.63 MB
-Scorpio 6men EGTB 48.1 GB
-Syzygy 3-4-5men 938.39 MB
-Syzygy 6men DTZ 81.39 GB
-Syzygy 6men WDL 67.83 GB
Torrent Download

Syzygy 5men as one file
Syzygy 7men online

by Ronald de Man
Syzygy tablebases allow perfect play with up to 7 pieces, both with and without the fifty-move drawing rule, i.e., they allow winning all won positions and bringing all drawn positions over the fifty-move line.

The tables provide WDL and DTZ information. Forcing captures or pawn moves while keeping a win in hand ensures that progress is being made.

DTZ optimal play is not always the shortest way to mate (DTM) and can even look unintuitive: For example sometimes pieces can be sacrificed to reset the fifty-move counter as soon as possible. However unlike DTM it achieves the best possible result even with the fifty-move rule.

Garry K

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Tablebases Empty Re: Tablebases

Post  tishanddash on Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:33 am


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